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Designed by a team of both video production and education experts - Start Editing Now is a one-of-a-kind program that gives the user a HUGE leg up on the proper professional skills of video editing.

SEN includes not only step-by-step editing lessons, but backs those lessons up with a unique system of hands-on practice centered on the included Multi-track movie clips. These unique, purpose-shot video clips allow anyone with video editing software (including the software included free with nearly every new computer!) to practice editing in real-time.

Volume 1 lessons are the same as those taught in the Young Editors Edition and the Classroom Workshop Edition - the only difference is that the content and clips in the two subsequent editions are purpose designed for young people and school classroom situations and are carefully designed with youth-friendly content.


Start Editing Now! The modern system for teaching the basics skills of video editing.

Volume 1 - Start Editing Now - General Editors Edition

Lessons: Jump-cuts -

                Cutaways -

                Editing for pace

                   and timing







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Includes dozens of movie clips for student editing.

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