Multi-track movies


An introduction to working with multi-track movies

In a classroom situation, or even for an individual sitting down to learn a basically repetitive task like video editing - variety is more than the spice of life - it’s the key to keeping any learner engaged. SEN’s unique Multi-Track Movies are the solution.

Lay down the opening scene (represented by the left gold colored box above) in your NLE timeline. Then pick ANY scene from the Green clips - followed by ANY scene from the Blue clips and then a selection from the Magenta clips and close your movie with the final scenes. BINGO - you have your own story - crafted along one of dozens of possible story lines. Exceptional practice for an individual user - outstanding in a classroom situation where every student gets to show off their own unique take on the story.

Each SEN package comes with lesson videos, all the raw video clips needed for the lessons, plus scripts, Movie Maps and support materials. It’s a COMPLETE learning system for basic video editing.


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